Health QRS

Retail Point of Service Solutions

With a greater personal stake in their healthcare, patients/consumers are demanding more transparency in service provider cost, quality, and availability.

HealthQRS was founded to provide innovative retail solutions for patient payment, navigation, and engagement. We provide a scalable, secure, and customizable cloud-based platform that can seamlessly integrate into your retail patient processes and systems.

HealthQRS solutions ensure pricing transparency for the patients and a platform from which the service provider can collect the patient’s financial responsibility – as early as the scheduling point of the processor as late as the point of service itself. This increases service provider revenue and cash flow – while lowering bad debt, denials, and compliance costs – and improves the overall quality of care for the patient.

The patient saves money, saves time, and manages their deductibles and co-pays more effectively, while you improve patient service and navigation options, reduce your costs, and increase your cash flows.