HealthQRS, Inc. was founded to provide innovative solutions for patient payment, navigation and engagement. Our solutions ensure pricing transparency for the patients and a platform from which the service provider can collect the patient’s financial responsibility – as early as the scheduling point of the process – or as late as the point of service itself. This increases service provider revenue and cash flow – while lowering bad debt, denials and compliance costs – and improves the overall quality of care for the patient. HealthQRS provides a scalable, secure and customizable cloud-based platform that can seamlessly integrate into your retail patient processes and systems.

The patient saves money, saves time, and manages their deductibles and co-pays more effectively. The provider improves patient service and navigation options, reduces costs, and increases cash flow.

Healthcare Today

  • The cost of certain in-network procedures can vary by over 400%
  • Patient premiums, deductibles and co-insurance are up over 200%
  • The biggest factor driving cost is where the care is provided
  • Primary care physicians have the best opportunity to navigate patients to cost effective care
  • On average patients can save 12% or more of their total medical spend by making more informed decisions
  • The highest quality care may also be one of the most cost-effective
  • Patients must have pricing transparency tools to make informed decisions

Source: 2014-2015 Healthcare Blue Book

HealthQRS Medical Marketplace & Networks

  • Imagine what a more “Retail Approach” to patients, providers and payments could do
  • Dynamically share pricing based on capacity, schedule, availability, time of day, and market competition
  • Optimize the use of equipment, facilities, and personnel to maximize return on assets (ROA)
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by offering patient tools to make informed decisions
  • Increase cash flow in a capital intensive industry by collecting payments upfront at the time of scheduling
  • Reduce patient no-show events and encourage patients to follow through with needed healthcare services