Individuals and Family

Individuals and Families

    Shop, Book, and Save with HealthQRS® Retail Healthcare Solutions


  • Search for healthcare based on service, price, quality, and convenience
  • Compare healthcare facilities to pick the best options for you
  • See real prices and out-of-pocket costs based on your insurance plan
  • Check available appointments and secure online
  • Pay for services online using your HSA debit, credit or debit cards
  • Options to pay in full or to select customized payment plans or deposits
  • Automated reminders and reports for reservations and health expenditures


  • More Savings. Shop online for quality, convenience and savings
  • Better Access. Compare services across your region to find the best deals
  • Pricing Transparency. See real prices based on your plan, not estimates or averages
  • Save Time. Check availability and secure your savings with one click
  • Save Money. Flexible online payment options with discounts for upfront payment
  • Flexible Terms. Payment plans available for more expensive procedures
  • Better Control. Keep track of your appointment and direct pay expenses