Doctors and Specialists

Doctors and Specialists

     Improve Patient Satisfaction with HealthQRS® Retail Healthcare Solutions


  • Patients search online for healthcare based on service, price, quality, and convenience
  • Patients compare healthcare facilities to pick the best options for them
  • A true retail application for both patients , providers, and employers to manage expenses
  • Improves asset utilization and scheduling through consumer awareness and incentives
  • Displays true cost-to-patient based on current status of healthcare insurance (eligibility, limits, and y-t-d expenses)
  • Improves scheduling efficiency and patient navigation options through direct online connections
  • Online credit transactions are settled directly to Provider merchant accounts
  • Reports, automated reminders, and revenue cycle management tools


  • Patient Satisfaction. New and existing patients shop online for quality, convenience and savings
  • Better Access. Patient can now compare services across your region to find the valuable services that you offer
  • Brand Building. Doctors and Specialists work directly with hospitals, employers and patients in an online marketplace
  • Pricing Tools. A clear path to pricing transparency and consumer confidence for orders and referrals
  • Patient Navigation. Increases referral options to hospitals and clinics with capacity to serve
  • Improves Cash Flow. Increases cash flow and reduces cash collection costs and burden
  • Compliance. Lowers the cost of adhering to and documenting compliance policies
  • Better Control. Manage patient insurance verification, appointments and out-of-pocket expenses more effectively