Patient portals aren’t saving the healthcare industry. The Amazon experience could.

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All over the country, hospitals are succumbing to unsustainable business models. Since Jan. 1, 22 hospitals have either closed or filed for bankruptcy. Larger providers like Ascension and Cleveland Clinic are also suffering from poor financial results. Blame is placed on many factors. But we suggest there is a common thread running through the financial devastation in healthcare: the failure to embrace consumerism and give people the Amazon experience in healthcare.

Many hospital leaders will say they are, in fact, doing everything they can to enhance patient satisfaction. They will show you their patient portals and the patient engagement efforts they have put in place. But notice the language: they are still calling their customers “patients.” And their answer to “patient engagement” is to give people portals.

People want to be treated like consumers, and money spent on portals simply isn’t paying off. Even though by 2015 nearly 90 percent of eligible providers and hospitals offered patients access to portals, by 2017, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), only “15 percent of eligible providers and 30 percent of hospitals saw any patients view, download, or transmit their patient portal data.”[1]

Portals are not a match for – or replacement of – an ecommerce platform that gives patients an Amazon experience in healthcare. They are not e-commerce platforms. People want to more than access their records. They want the ability to shop for services, see actual prices, schedule the services and pay (or at least make a down payment) from their smartphones. If they can also access their records from the same app, and communicate with their providers, and even see a teledoc, so much the better.

The HealthQRS app does all that. The HealthQRS ecommerce platform fully integrates with existing EHRs, allows patients to access their records, allows them to shop for healthcare services, and provides them the Amazon experience in healthcare.

A feature article about portals in Patient Engagement HIT says that “organizations are exploring how to leverage additional patient engagement technologies and feature to supplement the capabilities of patient portals and create seamless, holistic experiences for users.”[2] Really? With portals?

If providers are truly looking to create great experiences for users, then start treating those users like consumers and give them a retail experience in healthcare.

HealthQRS is not a replacement for EHRs. We are a complement that adds incredible value to the EHR.

We can partner and integrate with any EHR system to make it be everything you need it to be. We provide the front-end, retail shop at the point-of-service while your EHR continues to provide the necessary clinical and behind-the-scenes back office tools. We can be the value-added solution that provides a seamless experience, from start-to-finish, for your consumers and your employees. And, with HealthQRS there is no duplication of entry. Your staff doesn’t have to enter the same information into different legacy systems. We merge everything together behind-the-scenes and provide an easy-to-use retail experience for consumers and an easy point-of-service experience for your staff.

For example, many provider employees have to re-key everything they do because they don’t have one solution that automatically converges different systems. HealthQRS automatically posts payments to EHR systems. We automatically verify insurance, medical necessity, charity, our system can send all of that to your EHR.

HealthQRS gives you what you need to compete on many levels. Our solution provides people a full retail experience in healthcare just like they are used to receiving from Amazon for retail goods. From their smartphones, consumers can search for services and procedures in their network, see true prices – not just estimates – schedule the service, search for discounts, pay for the service or set up payment plans, find transportation, receive appointment alerts, wellness alerts, and even see a doctor via telemedicine. You name it. We offer it.

HealthQRS provides you with the infrastructure to create an online experience for consumers including accurate pricing (not just estimates). We enable telehealth connectivity as well. Our technology enables people to connect to more cost-effective, consumer-oriented healthcare options and we keep them in-network. HealthQRS integrates fully to your EHR and can also enhance your existing portals and other patient engagement solutions and improve your meaningful use numbers and increase meaningful use funds.

HealthQRS is the perfect vertical application for integrated delivery networks. We provide regulation compliance and serve as a marketing tool for your facilities. In addition, HealthQRS allows you to be compliant with the new CMS transparency rules beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

We are a software-as-a-service (SaaS), so you have no capital investment, just a low monthly fee. We also have a smartphone application that consumers can use to shop, see actual costs, schedule and pay for services with a few finger taps.

HealthQRS has over 15 years of experience developing healthcare retail experiences for people and our founders have over 50 combined years of e-commerce experience. We invite you to watch our user-friendly app video that you can use to win consumers. We also have a point-of-service solution video that may interest you. You can also check out our E-Commerce Medical Marketplace Flyer for more information. Why not contact us right now to schedule a personalized demo? Move beyond portals and give people what they really want. Treat them like consumers.


[1] Sara Heath, “Moving Beyond the Portal with Patient Engagement Technologies,” Patient Engagement HIT,

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