Make Your State’s Block Grants Go Farther with Price Transparency and E-Commerce

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People need healthcare services for acute, reactive issues as well as routine and preventive care. The tendency for some Medicaid recipients is to head straight to the emergency room for any situation. This can be remedied with education. Reaching people where they are, which is typically on their smartphones, is critical in terms of education and recommendations about which healthcare facility to use. When a patient makes an informed healthcare decision, everyone wins.

Making Your Block Grants Go Farther

Block grants to states will likely be part of the new legislation once it passes. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to make that money last longer? Educating your Medicaid population about making better healthcare choices, from prevention to which doctor or clinic they visit, helps you save substantial dollars and also helps your population become healthier in the long run.

HealthQRS Drives Responsible Consumer Behaviors

Price transparency is the tool that educates people about the costs surrounding their healthcare services and procedures. When people automatically go to the ER for an ailment such as a sore throat, it’s because they don’t realize they have other options. When they can see choices, with associated costs for those choices listed from least to most expensive, they can understand a visit to an urgent care center is in their best interest for that sore throat.

HealthQRS’ easy-to-use navigation system helps steer patients to lower cost services and providers. In addition, our solution has the capability to help your state to implement a telemedicine strategy that will guide the consumer or Medicaid member to this option. Patients are now empowered with several choices, much as they are on where they can browse for products, and choose the one with the lowest cost.

ACOs or RCOs Benefit from Open Marketplaces

This open marketplace environment can be utilized in managed networks such as accountable care organizations (ACOs) or regional care organizations (RCOs) to drive patients to the clinics of your choice instead of emergency rooms for non-emergency care. You can even use our system to implement co-pays or deductibles based on a person or family’s ability to pay. Retail-focused strategies direct decision-making, monitoring and intervention strategies on the front-end where impacts can be made before costs are incurred. This is critical in terms of reducing the financial burden on your state as well as the individual patient.

Powerful Tool for Medicaid Patients

All of this is possible right now, this very moment, with our Retail Medical Marketplace (e-commerce platform) and our Point-of-Service module. HealthQRS has developed cutting-edge technology with powerful algorithms that calculate the exact, true amount, not just estimates, that patients will owe.

Our Retail Medical Marketplace is a powerful tool that allows Medicaid patients to shop online for a list of doctors who accept Medicaid as well as who are accepting new patients on Medicaid. Consumers can see the lowest cost providers and procedures, schedule appointments and pay their out-of-pocket expenses all from their smartphones, tablets or computers. Our system allows for automated alerts to patients for necessary follow ups and preventive services they need as well as how much they will cost, and they can schedule and pay for those services right from the alert. You can also build in transportation options. All of this dramatically improves outcomes for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD, heart disease and others. The Retail Medical Marketplace can also be used to navigate commercial consumers to your ACOs or RCOs. In addition, the point-of-service module can be used by your RCOs or ACOs at their registration desks to collect out-of-pocket expenses upfront.

No Upfront Costs to You

We have over 12 years of experience developing retail experiences for consumers. We can have your group set up in a matter of weeks at your point-of-service and online, with a Retail Medical Marketplace customized just for your state. Our solutions are accessed as Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. This means it’s sold on a monthly subscription basis. You don’t have to invest in upfront software or capital. And you begin saving immediately. As in millions of dollars of savings for your state’s Medicaid program alone.

We invite you to learn more about HealthQRS’ solutions and how they can help your state provide education and true price information to your Medicaid patients as well as collect your money upfront. Click here to schedule a demo, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

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