How are you going to replace your revenues from Trump’s 2018 budget cuts?

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Last year rocked an already teetering healthcare market. Amazon’s plans to enter pharma caused healthcare executives to make deals of their own, including CVS’ plans to buy Aetna. Hospitals were buried in disagreements with payers, mergers, bankruptcies and staffing issues. Then there’s President Trump’s $4.1 trillion budget for 2018 which includes cuts to Medicaid, CHIP, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to name a few.[1]

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Becker’s Hospital Review rounded up 2017 with an article covering many of the concerns hospital executives had last year, [2]  including:

  • Rapidly unfolding disruption
  • Loud and frequent disputes between health systems and payers
  • Mega mergers
  • Hospital CEO resignations amid shareholder activism
  • Financials squeezing out C-suite positions
  • Communication breakdown between healthcare and the government
  • Nursing labor strikes

What are your plans to survive the rising tumult? Do you have a strategy to defend your market? With the Super Bowl just around the corner, offense and defense comes to mind. The best defense is a good offense and a sound strategy for hospitals as well. What is your offense for 2018?

How about changing the game entirely? You don’t have to be a victim of disruption. Be the disrupter. Be strategic, not just tactical. As a provider, you can do more than defend your market. You can control it. To do that, you need a powerful marketing strategy, and HealthQRS has it ready for you. Right now.

A simple, yet powerful, e-commerce platform is the strategic marketing tool needed for every hospital and clinic. Just as online retail shopping cannot be complicated, neither can healthcare shopping if you want to succeed with consumers. In addition, you can’t just supply estimates. When was the last time you gave someone your debit or credit card without knowing the exact cost? That would be never.

We can help you attract consumers with a retail application that allows people to easily find you, schedule services and procedures and pay for it with a few finger taps on their smartphones. HealthQRS has a complete retail application ready to help you market yourself like never before. Our solution is a software as a service (SaaS), so you only pay a low monthly fee, with no capital investment.

Our e-commerce medical marketplace gives people a way to shop, schedule and pay for healthcare procedures and services from their smartphones, tablets or computers. Consumers can instantly access their network, see a list of procedures and providers in order of least to most expensive, select a location, schedule the appointment and pay for it all from the app. We have all of this ready to go for you right now and can have you set up in a matter of weeks at the point-of-service (bricks and mortar) and online (e-commerce marketplace).

HealthQRS has developed the only complete e-commerce medical marketplace platform on the market. We essentially created the “Amazon platform” for healthcare that gives consumers exactly what they need without all the extra white noise to complicate matters. Our solution can be used for virtually any healthcare model including hospitals, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, behavioral health and freestanding imaging centers.

We also offer a pre-scheduling/collection service to help providers collect patient out-of-pocket expenses upfront. This solution interfaces with virtually any existing practice management or hospital management system. Our new pre-scheduling/collection service provides a call center staff to you and can handle your claims submission, claims status inquiry, ERA processing and online claim corrections. If you want to perform the functions with your own staff our point of service/pre-scheduling solution has all this functionality plus medical necessity included (except the claims services). If you use our point-of-service solution for all registrations, then you receive our e-commerce medical marketplace solution at no additional cost.

It’s important to note that an e-commerce platform is not just a revenue cycle solution, but is the strategic marketing tool that is needed for every hospital, clinic and service provider. Now is the time to provide price transparency and an easy-to-use shopping experience for consumers, businesses and their employees. Change the game. Control your market and your situation.

We invite you to learn more about HealthQRS and our e-commerce medical marketplace and how we can help you be the disrupter. We have over 12 years of experience developing healthcare retail experiences for consumers and our founders have over 50 combined years of e-commerce experience. Why not  contact us right now for more information or click here to schedule a demo? Or watch our point-of-service video to see how we can help you.


[1] Ayla Ellison, “Trump’s $4.1 trillion budget: 9 healthcare takeaways,” Becker’s Hospital Review, May 23 2017,

[2] Molly Gamble, “2017, the year that was: 10 things for healthcare executives to note as they head into 2018,” Becker’s Hospital Review, Dec. 28, 2017,


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