Flourish with an E-Commerce and Storefront Approach

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Whether you’re in a small, medium or large market, if you aren’t using both a storefront and an e-commerce approach for consumers to schedule and pay for services, then you’re susceptible to the hospital bankruptcies and closings happening all around the country.

The list of bankruptcies, financial reorganizations and closures grows by the day. Two just announced:

  • Centura Health Physician Group Primary Care, Lyons is closing due to financial losses caused by a decrease in patient volume.[1]
  • Campbellton-Graceville Hospital in Florida is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to lower its high debt load. The hospital will remain open, but jobs will be cut and some positions will have their hours reduced.[2]

Symptoms of Not Adopting Retail Approaches

Financial losses, decreased patient volume, high debt loads and subsequent staff layoffs are symptoms of organizations’ sluggishness in adopting retail approaches to business. Patients are now consumers of healthcare services and need to be treated as such. Businesses who win with consumers don’t just wait around for folks to walk in their doors, then bill them three months later with surprise invoices in the thousands of dollars. Businesses who win with consumers reach people where they are with easy-to-use online shopping experiences. And when they do have people enter their storefronts, prices are displayed so that people know what they are expected to pay before they buy.

The same approach is vital to the financial wellbeing of healthcare organizations. Utilizing both an e-commerce and a storefront approach allows people to shop online for services, book from their smartphones, tablets or computers. The optimal approach is to let consumers see exactly how much their services and procedures will cost and to let them shop for discounts. Then, when they schedule their appointments, they can pay in full, upfront, or set up payment plans right then. And how about letting them see their current balances in their FSA or HSA accounts and utilize those monies to pay as well?

You Can Offer Both a Storefront and E-Commerce Solution

All of this is possible right now, this very moment, with our Retail Medical Marketplace (e-commerce platform) and our Point-of-Service solution. HealthQRS has over 12 years of experience developing retail experiences for consumers. We can have your group set up in a matter of weeks at your point-of-service and online, with a Retail Medical Marketplace customized just for you. And because we are a software as a service (SaaS), you don’t incur any capital expenses, only a low monthly fee.

Our powerful algorithms calculate the exact, true amount, not just estimates, that patients will owe. With the click of a mouse, your registrars can access the patient’s out-of-pocket total and collect the full amount right then, or set up payment plans with our built-in retail solution. Our system contains interactive scripts and prompts, helping office staff conduct financial discussions with patients and their families.

Protect Your Market Share and Flourish with HealthQRS

The way for community hospitals to large, multi-state hospitals to protect and grow their markets is by implementing a storefront and e-commerce strategy. You don’t have to lay people off or declare bankruptcy. You can change your financial outlook today.

HealthQRS can help you establish an e-commerce retail solution that will attract consumers and grow your market share. We can install retail solutions in your “storefronts,” i.e., your hospitals, clinics and practices, with retail solutions that allow your office teams to tell consumers exactly what they owe. You can provide automated alerts to  patients for necessary preventive services they need as well as how much they will cost, and they can schedule and pay for those services right from the alert. These cutting-edge features are popular with employers and can serve as a marketing tool for your organization, helping you to expand your reach and become the “go to” facility for healthcare.

It’s time for you to utilize both an e-commerce and storefront retail solution for your patients. Why not  contact us right now for more information or click here to schedule a demo? We invite you to learn more about HealthQRS’ solutions and turn your situation around today.


[1] Ayla Ellison, “Centura Health to Close Colorado Clinic,” Becker’s Hospital CFO, May 5, 2017, http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/centura-health-to-close-colorado-clinic.html

[2] Ayla Ellison, “Florida Hospital Files for Bankruptcy,” Becker’s Hospital CFO, May 5, 2017, http://www.beckershospitalreview.com/finance/florida-hospital-files-for-bankruptcy-050517.html


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