Embracing consumerism in healthcare is more than price transparency

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Consumerism is at the heart of our country’s economy. Yet many healthcare providers don’t know how to harness the power. Embracing consumerism is much more than providing a list of prices on a website. To leverage consumerism to increase your market share and revenues and impact your overall future, you must give people a way to conduct business with you that transcends your current model. Give people a retail experience that allows them to search for providers and procedures based on price and quality, and schedule and pay for those procedures right from an easy-to-use app on their smartphones.

Becca Lococo, a partner at Optum Advisory Services served as a panelist at an interactive panel session with 150 Midwestern healthcare executives. Her guest post was published by HealthCareDive. Lococo noted: “As a panelist, I heard the shift in conversation that has gone from ‘we know we need to do consumerism’ to ‘we need to advance to meet consumers’ needs and grow in the right way.’”[1]

Lococo provides four takeaways for providers to help with embracing consumerism:[2]

  1. Dig into data to know your consumers
  2. Partnerships are important to execute a consumer-centric strategy
  3. Truly integrated technologies and interoperability will drive quality (in time)
  4. A healthy amount of discomfort around competition is a good thing

HealthQRS can help you “advance to meet consumers’ needs and grow in the right way.” Our technology platform has many features that easily helps you to compete on an entirely new level. There are too many to list here, but a few include:

  • Collect your money, upfront, at the time of scheduling, right from the app
  • A consumer-centric, ecommerce platform that allows you to create strategic partnerships with other providers as well as employers
  • Price bundling to avoid surprise and balance billing
  • Access to telehealth services from the app
  • Set up transportation for appointments
  • Built-in inventory management capabilities
  • Powerful analytics engine that provides business metrics to help you run your business
  • The ability to integrate with your EHR and revenue management technologies
  • Financing capability via a 3rd party accessible at check-out from the app

You can offer this “Amazon” type of shopping experience to your existing patients and market yourself to new ones. You can use our platform to help you partner with employers. You can become a center of excellence. You can literally transform your business model.

HealthQRS allows you to offer an entire online retail experience with one, easy-to-use platform. HealthQRS is an e-commerce platform that you can brand for your company or hospital and that will keep employees in-network. Our ecommerce platform gives people a full, rich retail experience in healthcare. When they login to the app on their smartphones, tablets or PCs, they see your logo and they think you are providing this experience. And you ARE providing the experience … HealthQRS is providing the platform.

HealthQRS’ ecommerce platform provides a true retail experience for the user. HealthQRS has developed the only complete e-commerce platform for healthcare on the market. This retail experience creates a mutually satisfactory partnership for hospitals and employers and employees. HealthQRS allows employers and employees to do business with hospitals and actually complete the financial portion of the transaction from the app.

Our solution is not a portal. We’ve developed HealthQRS using complicated algorithms that use real-time data: the actual payer contracts by provider + insurance verification information + charity + other business rules to provide consumers with a true out-of-pocket per patient per procedure. We are talking about giving consumers a complete, online retail experience that has the look and feel of shopping on Amazon. Give people a way to search for providers and services in network, access quality scores, see the actual out-of-pocket expense, select a provider and service, schedule appointments, pay in full or at least set up payment plans and even arrange transportation. All from an app on their smartphones.

Our solution is simple to use. We invite you to see for yourself with this 2-minute video of the HealthQRS price transparency tool. Click on this link, then you’ll be instructed to download and watch: https://s3.amazonaws.com/hqrs.media/_misc/Screen+Recording+2018-11-29+at+17.30.45.mov

HealthQRS interfaces with virtually any existing practice management system and electronic medical record. We have over 30 modules that work independently or all together depending upon your needs to provide a holistic, seamless, total experience for the consumer from start to finish. We combine navigation, the capability to make an appointment, referral management (if needed), payment management and so much more than we can list here.

We enable telehealth connectivity as well. Our technology enables people to connect to more cost-effective, consumer-oriented healthcare options and we keep them in-network. HealthQRS integrates fully to EHRs and can also enhance existing portals and other patient engagement solutions, improve meaningful use numbers and increase meaningful use funds.

Developing a solution of this magnitude didn’t happen overnight. We started with the consumer experience in mind and spent years drawing on the knowledge of best-of-breed experts to perfect, fine tune and put together this complicated, yet complete solution for medical e-commerce.

In fact, HealthQRS has over 15 years of experience developing healthcare retail experiences for people and our founders have over 50 combined years of e-commerce experience. We also invite you to watch our user-friendly app video that you can use to win consumers as well as our point-of-service solution video that may interest you. You can also check out our E-Commerce Medical Marketplace Flyer for more information.

Contact us right now to schedule a personalized demo. We can get you entire system set up in a matter of weeks Looking forward to helping you soon.


[1] Becca Lococo, “What 150 healthcare executives can teach us about consumerism,” HealthCareDive, Feb. 27, 2019, https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/what-150-healthcare-executives-can-teach-us-about-consumerism/549270/

[2] Lococo, “What 150 healthcare executives,” https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/what-150-healthcare-executives-can-teach-us-about-consumerism/549270/


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