In the next 3 minutes, I can book a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Seoul, Korea. I can search by my preferred schedule. I can search by my preferred airline. I can compare real pricing and scheduled alternatives and make informed choices based on my budget, my schedule, and my service expectation.

What’s more, I can choose a specific seat, guaranteeing service availability. I get instructions and documentation for successful boarding. I can make a reservation and make a payment upfront. I can receive an itinerary and arrange for email or text notifications in case of changes or delays. All from my smartphone, tablet or PC.

When I look at the current state of the healthcare industry, I ask myself, “Is this the way to run an airline?”

As founder, former Chairman and CEO of nTelagent/Revpoint, a healthcare IT company that provided one of the first true retail “point of service” applications for the healthcare industry, it became evident that a new generation of retail applications was needed for the healthcare industry to effectively manage transparency and consumer choice.

Direct consumer engagement is the key to controlling healthcare costs. HealthQRS was founded to provide innovative retail solutions for patient payment, navigation and engagement. Our solutions endure pricing transparency for the patients and a platform from which the service provider can collect the patient’s financial responsiblity – as early as the scheduling point of the process – or as late as the point of service itself. This increases service provider revenue and cash flow – while lowering bad debt, denials and compliance costs – and improves the overall quality of care for the patient.

I invite you to see how our retail point-of-service, direct pay medical marketplaces and white label branding for retail solutions can improve your patient satisfaction and improve your overall financial performance.

Earl Winter, HealthQRS CEO